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We understand that the industry is ever changing. Whether you’re a new PMU artist that wants to continue building their skills and watch a full procedure from

start to finish  and ask questions or a senior artist that is looking for some new insight.


 Come and watch Erin  work for a day, and learn as she works on clients! Each shadow date is fully customized based off of what you specifically want to see. These dates are always one on one to give you the best learning opportunity! 

PRICING - $795

A day of shadowing includes watching Erin work on clients based on what you want to see, a small goodie bag with samples of Erin’s favorite products, links to all products she uses, aftercare instructions, and more! A $200 non refundable deposit is required to reserve a shadowing date. 

To schedule a shadow date, please fill out the contact form linked below! 


This is not an initial beginner’s course, you must be certified in pmu/ microblading previously beforehand.


At this time, Erin is not offering beginner or advanced trainings. 

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