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When Booking:


To book, start by selecting your Artist and then selecting your desired service(s). 

If you are looking to book any PMU/microblading/cosmetic tattooing and you have had Previous work from another artist you must first send clear, bright photos to to be approved before booking.

If you are unsure of what PMU brow service is right for you, do not worry! Our artists will guide you to what will be best for your brows and skin at your appointment!

By scheduling an appointment, you agree that you read and fully understand the information listed on the FAQ, policies, as well as pre and aftercare.

We look forward to seeing you!

Featured Services

Microblading (PMU)
Henna Brow.png
Hybrid Brow Tint
Microblading With Shading Combo (PMU)
Brow Lamination
Full Body Waxing
Permaneny Jewelry
Lip Blush
Nano brows
Airy Powder Brows (PMU)
& More!
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